Testimonials from utilities who have contracted for my services or implemented policies I recommended in my newsletter.

“Starr-Iva couldn’t be happier with Gary’s work. He completed a business review for us and that went so well that we engaged with him to create a custom billing system RFP and help with the vendor selection process. Now he is assisting with data extraction and conversion in preparation for our new system. He will surely be involved until our new system is up and running. His expertise has certainly expedited our billing system selection and conversion. He will continue to be our go-to, trusted, consultant when we have any billing system related issues.

“It is important to note that after his business review, I felt comfortable enough with his professionalism for Gary to present his findings directly to our board of directors. Of course, there were suggested improvements, but they were communicated in an expert manner that was extremely respectful of our existing staff and their efforts.”

Patrick Jackson, General Manager
Starr-Iva Water and Sewer District, Starr, SC

“I’ve been managing water systems for nearly two and a half decades and witnessed many changes in technology and practices. We recently completed a business review with Gary and just when I think I’m on top of the efficiencies in the industry, Gary enlightened us on the cutting-edge solutions and practices that forward our initiatives even more. In fact, on the very day we received Gary’s report, we began reaching out and implementing some of the recommended solutions. We expect additional revenue and cost savings as a result!”

Frankie Maness, County Manager
Montgomery County, Troy, NC

“I have spent the last 20 years in the water industry, most recently, as the general manager of our utility. After listening to Gary’s presentation at a local conference, I knew I wanted him to bring his expertise to our utility. We were operating our office fairly efficiently, but there was room for improvement. For me, it made more sense to have a professional walk with me through the process. Gary was very familiar with our software and, right away, able to show our customer service reps some shortcuts and tricks to make their life easier. He has presented us with options to streamline our processes and pull our revenue in quicker. His surveys are very useful in comparing your business with other utilities. Overall, the consultation and recommendations Gary provided will be very beneficial to our utility.”

Adam Chrnalogar, General Manager
North West Utility District, Soddy Daisy, TN

Based on Gary’s suggestion in one of his newsletters, we changed the name of our reconnect fee to administrative service charge and apply the fee to all customers that are on the disconnect list prior to the actual turn off. Thanks Gary! This has made turn off day easier for the office staff and our serviceman.

Deanna Hassinger, Business Manager
Mifflin County Municipal Authority, Lewistown, PA

Your articles from several years ago were used to help justify an increase in penalty percentage. This increase led to a significant decrease in late payments. One of your articles was also the basis for changing the method of applying delinquent fees. Previously we only charged those who were actually disconnected, but now we apply the fee when the orders are generated.”

Bob Pack, General Manager
Paintsville Utilities, Paintsville, KY

We have engaged Gary Sanders on multiple occasions for consulting as well as hands on report writing to meet our information needs. While we are not a large utility, we have many highly technical reporting requirements that Gary both understands and has the ability to generate reports for us on the back end of our billing system that we could not access otherwise. His industry knowledge and familiarity with multiple billing systems makes him invaluable to our organization as our information needs evolve.

Because of Gary’s vast industry experience, he very quickly understands our needs. This saves us many hours of explanation and documentation; Gary “gets it” very quickly and provides us with the tools to meet our needs.

We highly recommend Gary to any business in the Utility Industry that is in need of more and better information in a timely fashion.

Loyd Smith, Finance/Administration Manager
Lakeway Municipal Utility District, Lakeway, TX