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Gary Sanders

Utility Information Pipeline, LLC is the utility billing consulting firm of Gary Sanders, based in Durham, North Carolina.

I provide a wide range of services to the utility billing community, including consulting, data extraction from legacy databases, and speaking at conferences or facilitating training events. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss my services.

I have over 40 years’ experience developing and implementing utility billing and financial software and consulting with utilities and municipalities.

My bi-weekly email newsletter draws from my experience in working with over 200 utilities and local governments to offer insight into how utilities can improve business office operations and better serve their customers.

I offer consulting services to help utility business offices operate more efficiently and offer superior customer service.

If you have a comment or question, or would like to know more about how I could assist your utility, please contact me at gary@utilityinformationpipeline.com or by calling 919-673-4050.