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I have a wealth of blog content from the past 11 years on my previous employer’s website. To make posts easier to find, I’ve categorized them on an Archives page.


Convenience fees – yea or nay?

Before we get to today’s article, there are a couple of things to call to your attention where time is of the essence. Days of Exposure webinar I will be leading a series of four webinars for MuniBilling and the […]


Three reasons to continue printing bills in-house

In my recent interactions, I’ve been somewhat surprised at how many utilities are still printing their own bills in-house and haven’t moved to outsourcing. Without knowing exactly why they haven’t made the switch, I’ve come up with three possible reasons… […]


Are you taking phone credit card payments?

During the last couple of conferences I’ve spoken at, I’ve been surprised by how many utilities are still taking phone credit card payments in the office. There are at least three downsides to taking phone credit card payments in person […]


How (and when) do you charge your cut-off fee?

I’ve seen two related scenarios lately which merit discussing in more detail. The first case was a business review I recently completed for a utility that charges their cut-off fee as two separate charges – a cut-off fee, then a […]


Final bill fee?

During the Q&A period after speaking at a conference last week, one of the attendees asked me what I thought about a final bill fee. First-time question That’s a question I’ve never been asked before, so I had to think […]


An epiphany!

I just completed a business review for a utility and calculated their Days of Exposure while I was on-site. If you’re not familiar with Days of Exposure, it’s the number of days of service a customer ends up owing for […]


Postage keeps going up!

A couple of months ago I wrote about delivery delays the Postal Service recently implemented. Unfortunately, longer delivery times aren’t the only bad news coming from the Postal Service – they recently raised rates for the second time in a […]


I’ve migrated!

I’ve completed the migration of my website to my new domain. It still has the same useful content, but you’ll now find it at utilityinformationpipeline.com rather than garysandersonline.com. Not to worry – if you have links saved to my old […]


Hierarchy of payments

I recently saw a social media post ranking NFL quarterbacks into tiers. This got me thinking about random hierarchies like the food pyramid and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which led to the idea of a hierarchy of payments. I’ve always […]


Is it time for a rate increase?

I’ve been preparing for an upcoming speaking engagement for the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water’s annual Leadership Summit where one of my topics will be “Is it Time for a Rate Increase?” One of the points I make in this […]